Tremella Mushroom

Young and healthy skin has a strong skin barrier that retains high amounts of moisture inside, while aged and dry skin has a weak skin barrier that allows water to evaporate off the skin easily. Therefore, young and healthy skin exhibits high pre-hydration skin conductance values as well as skin conductance integration values.

clinically proven performance in:

Moisture Retention

PhytoCare-HATM holds up to 500 times its own weight of water, creating a natural flexible hydration film on skin that restores the dry skin to its optimally hydrated and supple state, enabling it to develop elasticity and healthy appearance.

Anti-Oxidation Efficacy

PhytoCare-HATM reduces the peroxidation of cell lipids and spurs the concentration of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) in cells. SOD is the body’s natural antioxidation enzymes, which break down
the superoxide radical into harmless compounds, preventing the ravaging anti-aging effects of free radicals on skin health and appearance.

Anti-Aging Benefit

Because of its strong moisturization and antioxidation properties, PhytoCare-HATM can significantly relieve the drying and oxidative stresses placed on your skin every day, which helps to slow down the skin aging process to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Film Forming Integrity

Unlike the fermented hyaluronic acid products, the viscoelastic film formed by PhytoCare-HATM on skin is very flexible and experiences very little shrinkage over time, which translates into better sensory, more substantive moisturizing, and anti-oxidation effectiveness.

Consumer Skin Sensory Appeal

Clinical trials show that more than 60% of testers preferred the light, silky sensory of PhytoCare- HATM lotions over those made with traditional hyaluronic acid.

is the extracted essence of the tremella fuciformis sporocarp mushroom, otherwise known to the Chinese as “Silver Ear”. It has played a prominent role in Chinese history as a celebrated ingredient in herbal, cosmetic, and culinary applications.

Chinese herbal medicine practitioners have been using Silver Ear mushrooms for the past two thousand years. It is used to treat ailments of the lung, heart, and nervous system.

In the past, Silver Ear mushrooms could only be found in the wild, and was such a rare commodity that only the Chinese noble and royal families could afford its use in soups and desserts.

The Chinese also believed that Silver Ear mushrooms were highly effective in reducing wrinkles and age spots on the skin. Yang Gui Fei, Concubine of Tang Dynasty Emperor Hsuan-Tsung, is considered to be the most beautiful woman in China’s storied history. It is said that she ingested Silver Ear mushrooms and used it for both facial and body washes to preserve the storied glow of her alabaster skin.

By comparison, traditional hyaluronic acid is composed of disaccharide units of glucuronic acid and N-actylglucosamine, with around 50% glucuronic acid. It used to be extracted from rooster crowns, but the technology has advanced to the point where we can now synthesize it through bacterial fermentation.

This difference in chemical composition confers some special benefits of PhytoCare-HATM: forms a more flexible and softer hydration film on skin with preferred sensory, delivers long-term hydration and anti-oxidation benefits, makes it easier to dissolve into water phase, and provides stronger tolerance for a wider ranges of temperature, pH, and salt.