TheraH2O Purified Water Gem Stone Pitcher

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TheraH2O purifies your water from fluoride, lead, contaminates, particulates, pharmaceuticals, through a natural process. However, what really makes us different than all other purification systems, is how we enhance the energetic quality of the water to make it the most bio-compatible water readily available to improve cellular health. TheraH2O employs multiple natural earth-stone technological advancements to mineralize the water, energetically balance, and alter the PH towards alkaline,(7.2-7.4) to take on the qualities of “living water”. TheraH2O utilizes InfraRed frequency infusion to restructure and reorder TheraH2O water. All in all, TheraH2O is the best cellular hydration and water purification system on the market today. Stay hydrated and healthy with TheraH2O.