The Truth will set you Free

truth_symbol_postcard-p239386455234894657en84n_325 We have all said a "white lie" in our lives. White lies are sugar coated and supposed to lessen the blow of telling the truth. Some how we make ourselves believe that we are doing someone a favor by not being honest so that we don't hurt their feelings. There are however situations that this would be ok, as with a child, but making a habit of fibbing is not a good idea. 1.  Lying destroys your credibility. Especially white lies because if you would lie about something so little then of course you would lie about something huge. 2.  Don't assume that the person you are lying to can't handle the truth. If you speak from the heart, then they can handle the truth and your conscious will be free of guilt. 3.  You are denying the other person of an opportunity to make a wise decision because the information they are basing it on is false or half true. 4.  Trust. Without trust whether it be in friendship, family, or marriage there is nothing. Being 100% truthful and outright with the ones you love is what builds trust in relationships. Without trust there is nothing. 5.  90% of being successful at telling the truth is in your delivery, not what you are saying. 6.  You can't live as a truly intelligent human being without embracing the power of the truth. Living in a false character or denying the truth disempowers your growth and those around you. 7.  The truth will set us free! We must strive to be more truthful in our lives and the people and experiences that are supposed to be in our lives, will flourish because of it. " If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."- Mark Twain