10 Reasons To Get Some SunShine!

[caption id="attachment_1546" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Shot by Alexander F Rodriguez Shot by Alexander F Rodriguez[/caption] Whenever I find myself getting off  balance with my health or my life, my first resource is always nature.  Everything that we need to heal our mind, body and soul is in nature.  We are no different from any other living thing on this planet. We all need air, water, light and food. When we are lacking quality in one of the essential elements to our existence then we start feeling sick or "off". Light or the sunlight is one of those essential elements that we need to survive. Lately it has been given such a bad reputation because of the unfortunate risks of skin cancer.  Everyone seems to fear the sun instead of looking at it as a powerful healing resource.  In moderation, the sun has numerous health benefits for your mind, body and soul. 1.  Natural sunlight activates the vitamins in our food. The process of digestion is actually incomplete without sunshine. The sun activates enzymes in our food to complete our digestion. 2.  When eating outside you are less likely to eat heavy foods. The more light and heat we receive from the sun the less food we require. So next time you have the opportunity to sit inside or outside, think of the extra benefits your body will get from the natural light outside. There is such a thing as sun food:) 3.  We get the important nutrient Vitamin D from the sun. The recommended amount is 20 minutes a day.  In just 20 minutes your body is able to receive all the sun's health benefits, especially for bone health and immune function. 4.  The sunlight is very healing and disinfecting. My Dad would always tell me to go outside and get some sun when I was sick. He was right!  The healing power of the sun is capable of killing many kinds of bacteria and giving you an overall feeling of wellness. 5.  Natural sunlight contains the full spectrum of colors, which are essential for our eyes.  For those who work or live in an environment without natural light coming in, I recommend full spectrum light bulbs and tubes. 6.  The sun encourages every important function of the body to work at its best. When we absorb the sun's rays on our skin, it stores up large amounts of energy in our body. Then our nerves absorb the energy and send it to our nervous system, which transmits to our entire system. 7.  Sunshine makes you happy, lack of sunshine can make you SAD, literally!  Lack of natural sunlight can cause a nervous, melancholy disorder called SAD (seasonal Affective Disorder).  People that don't get exposed to natural sunlight because of wanting to stay indoors or lack of sun where they live could develop SAD, which could progress to full-blown panic disorders and depression. 8.  Studies show that students who are exposed to natural sunlight in the classrooms showed better attendance, better dental health,improved test scores, were calmer and grew taller than children not exposed to natural sunlight. 9.  Research also shows that people who live or work in a space where they are exposed to natural light are less depressed, healthier and more productive. 10.  Sunlight is important for all living beings to exist, without it there would be no plants, animals or human life.  So the next time you go outside, absorb the sun's energy and be grateful for all it's blessings it shines upon you. * May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on.- Sat Nam