5 Ways To Get Your Omega-3s!!!!

Omega-3-levles-arrow Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that our bodies do not create, so there for we have to get it from our diet.  The health benefits range from decreased inflammation in joints to increasing cell proliferation.  As a whole we are consuming too many Omega 6, which come from refined oils extracted from grains and seeds and they have the opposite effect on our bodies, actually creating inflammation and blood clots.  It is always best to get your Omega 3's from food sources before turning to supplements. Here are some foods that are high in Omega 3 that you can to your diet. 1. Cold water wild fish. Fish is the best source for Omega 3 fatty acids.  Two to three times a week choose salmon, sardines, herring, black cod, anchovies, mackerel, blue fish, or lake trout.  Wild fish has more omega-3 than farmed and personally I stray away from farmed.  I think farmed raised fish is more harmful than beneficial.  Also the bigger the fish the more toxic mercury content and over fishing of certain fish has led to almost extinction of some species so eat only what is in abundance and dolphin/turtle safe of course. Here is a link to Seafood Watch to stay up to date on sustainable seafood choices. 2. Fresh ground flax seed and oil. You can pretty much add flaxseed to anything you eat.  Add the oil to juices, salad dressing, soups or sprinkle it on cereals and smoothies.  Flaxseed is great to add to your childs food without them really knowing.  Adequate Omega 3 in a child's diet is proven to help with asthma, ADHD, and even depression.  A teaspoon of ground flax has about 0.4g of omega 3 oil and about 2g of fiber. 3.  Organic walnuts.  Adding walnuts to your oatmeal or snacks and nut butters, not Skippy's peanut butter, which is high in trans fat.  Choose walnut, almond,macadamia, or cashew butters.  An ounce of walnuts has 1.5/2g of omega 3 oils. 4.  Chai Seeds.  Full of Omega 3, protein and fiber!  Truly a magical seed that just like flaxseed you can add to just about any meal or eat alone as a morning cereal or drink. 5. Organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.  Olive oils is great to add to your salad, bread or cooking vegetables over medium heat.  I would not use olive oil to cook anything on high heat, as it has a low smoke point, which means you will loose it's beneficial value and  could possibly become harmful to you.  When cooking on high heat I recommend coconut, avocado, or organic canola oils.  Most canola seeds are genetically modified in the United States so read your labels and be sure to by gmo-free and organic. * Having about 5g of omega 3 oils in your diet has shown to help rheumatoid arthritis patients go into remission. The benefits are astonishing!