My Coffee Ritual Recipe

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If you have been following me for awhile now then you know I love my coffee. Honestly, I get excited when I wake up in the morning just thinking about it. Sipping my coffee in the morning sun is one of my favorite rituals of all. I have gotten soooo many messages about what I actually put in my coffee and why, so here it is- My Coffee Ritual Recipe 

- First and foremost, I only use Kion organic, specialty-grade coffee. It's tested for mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides....things most coffee beans have. The taste has hints of sweet apple and dark chocolate. I buy them in whole beans and grind them fresh every morning. I prefer to only grind what I intend to use each day to prevent oxidation. (use code: BEGOLDEN for 20% off!)

- I like to use a french press to make my coffee. Then I use a small milk frothing pitcher to heat up the milk and other ingredients that I'll mention below. I also have a milk frother that I use to make the milk nice and creamy and frothy. You can find all these items I use HERE

Inside of my coffee cup I put:

1. 1 scoop of Native Path Collagen Peptides. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Initially, the body naturally produces its own supply of collagen which it relies on to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles, bones, and digestive lining. The body begins producing less collagen as we age - a significant decline starting as early as our 30’s. Thus the importance of NativePath Collagen.

Benefits include: 

  • Repair gut lining for optimal immune function
  • Restore joint, bone, and muscle strength
  • Improve skin elasticity & complexion
  • Nourish scalp hydration for hair follicle regrowth

Click HERE for 15% off Native Path or use code: JesseGolden15 

2. I teaspoon of Live Pristine Shilajit. Shilajit is a balanced and truly amazing super-food, comprised of 84+ organic minerals taken to help support the endocrine system, digestion and assimilation of food nutrients and allow for greater elimination of toxins and waste products. In this day and age with our depleted soil, nutrients and toxins in our environment, I really believe this is a must for almost everyone.

3. A pinch of baking soda for alkalinity, meaning it neutralizes the acid from the coffee.

After I press my coffee I pour it over these ingredients, leaving room to pour my milk on top.

Inside my milk frothing pitcher I put:

1. Raw, organic milk

2. 1 tablespoon of ghee

3. I tablespoon of organic, grade A maple syrup.

I heat these ingredients on low just until the ghee melts and the milk becomes warm. Then I use my milk frother and froth the milk u until its super foamy. I also use my frother to mix the coffee and the ingredients already in my coffee cup prior to pouring the milk in. Simply pour the milk and fill to the top. Dash with cinnamon on top.

Enjoy! Let me know if you try my recipe and tag me on ig @jessegolden I'll repost. xo