DMAE- One of the Star Ingredients In our Face Mask and Why You Need It!

DMAE is a potent, site-specific environmental damaged scavenger that helps improve the appearance of aging skin like no other ingredient in the world.

DMAE, which stands for Dimethylaminoethanol is one of the active ingredients in our Instant Glow Facial Mask. This ingredient is a nutrient that occurs naturally in our brain, in small amounts, and facilitates the synthesis of acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that helps in establishing communication between nerves and muscles by sending messages to the muscles and stimulating them to contract.

Therefore reducing sagging, enhancing the skin tone, firming and tightening its appearance from beneath the skin. Results are consecutive with regular use.

Taking the concept of going "beyond the skin" to another level!

We recommend using our Instant Glow Facial Mask 2-3 times per week to receive the full benefits of this miraculous mineral.

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