Eternal life! Staying Young & Beautiful

When it comes to aging gracefully, my Mom has been my biggest inspiration. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside but she is strong on the inside. Always accomplishing those agility tests as a 20 year old! My Mom has a young free spirit, always open and ready for an adventure. I think that has been one of her biggest weapons to fight off the aging process. I feel some of the most beautiful people are the ones that never missed a sunny day and their youthful spirit shines through the twinkle in their eyes and the joy in their hearts exudes from their smile. Accepting yourself, your genes, your beauty but empowering yourself with a knowledge of health to not only elongate your life but keep you vibrantly beautiful along the way.

Heres to aging gracefully!

Exercise- The only way to stay youthful is to stay ahead of the game. I am always baffled when people almost brag that they don't work out or that they can't touch their toes. That is not something to be proud of. If you are not able to touch your toes in your 20's or 30's how the heck do you think you will be able to even tie your shoes at the age of 60! Stay active, stay strong, stay ahead of the game. Don't wait. You only get weaker and tighter in flexibility with age.

Fasting-I was never an advocate of fasting but as I've gotten older I have naturally gravitated to this practice and the results are amazing. The practice of fasting goes back to the cave men, when they would have no choice but to fast between hunts. After years of being a big advocate of eating many small meals and a big breakfast, now I skip breakfast, work out first then eat. This is called intermittent fasting, where you eat your food during a certain window of time, like 12-8pm or choosing a smaller winder of 6 or 4 hours, depending on your own body. Of course you will notice some weight loss but in regards to aging, a growth hormone is increased during fasting states. Teaching your body to use the food you consume more efficiently.

Silica- Silica is a critical element for youthful aging and overall health. Signs of aging are not prejudice to just the skin on your face. Thinning brows and hair, weak bones and nails can also become a problem. Your brows, lashes, and hair will thicken and make you look years younger. They best way to achieve a youthful look is to try and resemble your childhood self before you started tweezing and your brows and your lashes were thick. My two favorite brands for silica are Biosil and Cellfood.

Laughter- Shed the old, stiff belief that laughing gives you wrinkles! Laughing release endorphins that stimulates your entire system to rejuvenate itself. There is no greater medicine or remedy than laughter. Own your smile, own your laugh. Let your light shine from within through your smile and nobody will even see anything else.

Antioxidants-  Green tea, resveratrol, dark leafy greens and the Mother of all is Astaxanthin. Not only will this potent antioxidant help prevent wrinkles but it also supports joint health, improves strength and stamina, and will give you a natural glow to your skin. Astaxanthin is what gives salmon and flamingos their pink tone, so it can also help remove sun/age spots and even freckles.  Antioxidants fight free radicals so it is best to eat a variety of antioxidant foods as well as supplementation.

*My secrets are Lancome, fun in the sun, dance, travel and lots of wine! -Maryann Golden