Gift Consciously This Holiday!

We know there are many options out there when it comes to gifting your loved ones.

Here is a guideline to help you gift consciously this holiday season.

1. When choosing skincare, make sure it's organic and sustainably produced.

2. Support small businesses, including handmade gifts from friends and family and brands that give back, like us! We give a percentage of all of our sales to charities helping make the planet a better place and you get to choose which one at checkout!

3. Quality over quantity. Be mindful and choose products from higher quality brands. It's better to get one higher quality product than several less quality. Lower quality options tend to have more of an environmental impact and that means it's most likely not good for you either.

4. Choose gifts that create positive change in your loved ones life, long after you give them the initial gift.

5. Share gifts that you love and that mean a lot to you. Most likely your friends and family will appreciate them too.

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