How I increased my milk supply naturally!

I am a huge advocate of breast-feeding.  My Mom helped pioneer the Le Leche League and breast-fed me until I was 4 yrs of age.  Luckily I had her to support and help guide me through the breast-feeding challenges when I had my son. When he was just a couple of months old I got a double ear infection and reluctantly was put on antibiotics.  A mixture of being a new, exhausted Mother and in excruciating pain caused me to have poor judgment and not do my research on the drug that was prescribed.  I trusted my doctor because he knew I was aware that I was breast-feeding.  Unfortunately the medication caused my milk to stop completely!  I was horrified and desperate to get my milk supply going again because nor my son or I was ready to stop. I started taking the herb Fenugreek a couple of times a day and pumped continually.  With in 2 days my milk was back and in full source. I was able to continue breast-feeding until my son weened himself. Fenugreek seed is a natural herb that is known to increase milk 100% with in a day to 2 weeks.  The only possible side effect is that it can cause you to smell like maple syrup.  It is often used in artificial maple syrups to give it its flavor and smell.  Nobody ever had a problem with my perspiration smelling like maple and your little one takes on the scent, as if they weren't already edible enough. Now a days there are several synergistic teas, like Mother's milk tea, that you can buy at your local store to help increase and maintain your milk supply. Remember breast milk is a supply on demand theory so if you feed your baby when it is hungry, your body will naturally create enough milk, as long as there is no outside interferance like in my case. Your baby will signal you with a pucker of the lips and intuitivly create the perfect feeding schedule, usually every two hours at first. Along with Fenugreek and my will to want to give my son the best nutrients on the planet I was able to continue breast feeding for as long as he wanted, which was just shy of 4 years old. -I have heard stories of woman who adopted, never even bearing a child and still through herbs like Fenugreek and the will of a Motherly instinct were able to produce milk.-Jesse Golden *All opinions and beliefs expressed in my posts are based on my experiences.  I am not a medical doctor.  The utmost importance is for the safety of you and your baby.  You have to research and be mindful to find out what works for you.