JESSE Q+A - June Edition

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions on Instagram — I love hearing from all of you and I wish I could answer every question. Answering five of the most asked below :)

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Q1: Can you share about soul imprints and miscarriage?

Yes, I love sharing this concept. I first learned about this years ago, during a reading with a renowned psychic who shared that my brother who died years before I was born was one of my guardian angels. Let me preface, that I had never shared that my mom lost a child before me and I had never shared that my entire life, I felt his presence. A profound connection to him (Michael) I would often wake up and see him standing in my room. I was never scared, I always felt a sense of peace. She said that he was my soul imprint. He came in to make space for me to be able to come in. She explained, that often when there is a big soul coming in with a big mission, other souls elect to come in for a brief time to help make space for them. This concept brought me so much peace of mind when I myself experienced loss.

Q2: Can you explain the different ways I can use the Heal All Oil?

Absolutely! One of the reasons I love the Heal All oil so much is its ability to address over a dozen skin conditions. It is such a magical oil that I recommend every household to have. It can be used as an oil cleanser, facial oil, all-over body glow oil, hair mask, eyelash & eyebrow growth serum, spot treatment for acne, cuts, scrapes, diaper rash, pain, rheumatism, etc. You can learn more about the target concerns and all their uses HERE.

Q3: What are your thoughts on aging naturally?

It shocks me that this even has to be a question. When I was younger there was no other option but to age naturally and I have seen my mom and grandma do it so eloquently. Aging naturally doesn't mean you give up on yourself, quite the opposite. To me, it means that you do everything you can to stay the healthiest most vibrant person you can be and when you do that it shows up on your face and you glow no matter your age.

I share The Keys To A Lifetime Of Radiant Beauty HERE

Q4: How do you wash the Gua Sha Tools?

Simply wash with soap and water after each use. These stones are extremely slippery when wet and soaped up so be extra careful.

Dry and keep in the bag provided, in a safe place in between use. When you purchase either of my gua sha stones you receive a 40-page ebook and two video tutorials with all the information you could ever need (including how to wash and care for them) regarding gua sha and these precious stones.



    Q5: Do you use any other skincare products outside of TGS?

    The only time I ever use other products is if I am doing comparative testing to see what the hype is about other brands or products and every single time when I go back to TGS, it's like a breath of fresh air. There have been two or three times now that I have done this while married to my husband Devan and every time I tell him, honey, I cannot believe how good my products are compared to xxx! He always laughs at me! haha But it's true! I’m shocked at some of the ingredients in some of these “famous products" and the lack of results, texture, formulation, packaging, and everything else. Nothing I have ever tried comes close to TGS.



    xo jesse