JESSE Q+A - October Edition

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Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions on Instagram — I love hearing from all of you and I wish I could answer every question. Answering five of the most asked below :)

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Q1: How do you combat burnout as a small business owner?

I am still trying to figure that out. I am definitely learning the hard way. I have realized more than ever through starting my own company that my persistence and drive might not always be a good thing. When I set my mind to something it gets done no matter what, even if that means burning out. I feel like you really have to be this way to some degree especially in the early years to maintain the relentless persistence that starting a business requires. But something that helped me tremendously and that I wish I had done sooner was hire fantastic people to help me. Delegating tasks to people, especially when they can do it better than you is probably one of the best pieces of advice is I could give. This allows you the freedom to take breaks knowing that your company is running smoothly and being handled with the utmost care. Still, I have to constantly remind myself to take breaks and take care of myself because running a company never ends, there is no clock out time. Here are a couple of things that I implement into my days that really help:

  1. Make a priority task list for the day. If you are a business owner then you know, one task can often lead to ten others, completely throwing you off track. Try to stay focused on the main priority task and do not move on to the next one until the first one is complete.
  2. Switch up your workstation. Some days work indoors, other days work outside, if the weather permits. Try a standing stand or one of my faves is setting up a workstation on the floor with all my rollers and gadgets so that I can easily be motivated to take a break and stretch.
  3. I highly recommend protecting your eyes and skin with blue light screen protectors from Eyejust to avoid eye fatigue, skin damage, and disruption of your circadian rhythm. Click HERE to purchase and save $.

Q2: How do I develop a healthy relationship with food?

A2: This question reminds me of something I learned as a new mom about creating healthy relationships with food for children. I remember reading somewhere that one of the best ways to get your kids to eat better is to get them involved. Let them pick out the food at the grocery store, start a garden so that they can actually grow some of their own food, go to a local farm, or show them cookbooks and let them pick out a recipe to cook. I think educating yourself on healthy food can be very empowering but at the end of the day, what is most important is listening to your intuition and your body’s biofeedback and letting it guide you as to what it needs. It is truly miraculous when you do this. I often find that my body will innately crave certain foods that I am deficient in or have abstained from for whatever reason. I share a lot about different foods and how to discover what foods might be best for your particular constitution in my book. Purchase my book, The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health HERE.

Q3: I deal with dermatitis all over. What products do you recommend for my face and body?

A3: First and foremost, whenever you are dealing with any kind of ailment you always want to address the underlying cause. After you have addressed the underlying issues and made some dietary and lifestyle changes, you want to choose a topical product that gets to the root of the issue and doesn’t just suppress and temporarily cover up the problem and cause other health issues long-term. I highly recommend our Heal All Oil for topical use. It is an organic oil that has been used medicinally to reduce dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and more since the 1900s. I have had several customers have miraculous results with Heal All Oil. Many talk about having been prescribed numerous toxic, steroid, and fungal creams from their doctors, and nothing worked until they tried the Heal All Oil. Check out our reviews to see for yourself. On a spiritual level, any kind of skin issue could mean that there’s something under the surface that you might need to address. Perhaps anxiety or fear is being buried and has no other way to come out other than through the skin. Our skin is the barrier between us and the world so when we feel threatened in any way it could show up on our skin. Our skin is our armor, our protection. Are you trying to protect yourself? Louise Hay suggests this affirmation to rewire a new thought pattern. “ I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten. I am free at this moment. I feel safe to be me” 

Q4: Tips for depression?

A4: First of all, I want to say, you are not alone. I feel that many of us are feeling the heaviness of the world right now - most of it isn’t even ours to carry but collectively there is so much fear and pain that it is almost impossible to not feel it. More than ever it is important to have tools to help keep us moving in a positive direction and our old tools just don’t seem to be enough right now, so it's important to remain open to new modalities. Depression can be overwhelming and seemingly endless but simply reminding yourself that it will pass can bring comfort and hope. Focus on all the positives you do have, as small as they may be. I am grateful for this email. I am grateful for a roof over my head, the sun shining, my health...whatever it may be. Focus on the good and Source will bring you more of that. One of the things that runs through my head on repeat when I am feeling down is my yoga teacher saying, “when you don’t want to do it is when you need it most.” When you are depressed it’s hard to get motivated to do anything but in this lies the practice. Know that at that moment is when you need it most. Go for a walk, get outside, call a family member or friend, take a yoga class. Procrastination often makes depression worse so doing something productive can be very beneficial and make you feel better fast. Through the years I have compiled 5 tools that I return to during every challenge in my life. I share them here in my ebook, 5 To Thrive Ritual Guide

    Q5: What do you recommend to reduce crow's feet and laugh lines?

    A5: When I was in my mid-twenties someone told me I had smiling eyes and then continued to say that that was why I had wrinkles when I smiled. It’s true! I do have smiling eyes and I think the best people do. I used to be discouraged by the wrinkles my smile created but then I realized that I light up when I smile and make others happy, revealing a glow that is so contagious that nobody is looking at my laugh lines. Saying that I have always paid extra attention to this area because like many, it’s one of the first places to show signs of aging. The eye area, in particular, is one of the thinnest on the face so a repetitive facial expression like smiling can cause more wrinkles, but I’m definitely not going to stop smiling! There are two things that I religiously do that are extremely helpful. 

    1. Make moisture your very best friend. If your skin is dry or not able to properly hold moisture it will crack and those lines will get deeper and more defined. 
    2. Facial gua sha, which helps increase blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin - helping to literally retrain the facial muscles and smooth out those stubborn lines.

    To Do: Cleanse with the Heal All Oil and Glowing Facial Cloth, followed by the Aura Beauty Mist. Then while the skin is still damp, apply the Youth Beauty Face Oil. Use your ring fingers to apply in a circular motion around the entire eye and brow bone. Finish with the Sorceress Stone Ritual. I share several “extras” within the ebook that the stone comes with on how to gently smooth out wrinkles, crows’ feet, and laugh lines.

    xo jesse