The Golden Secrets Essential Oil Benefits


Each oil is personally made by me with love and light. All oils are organic and pure. The actual recipe must remain a secret but here are some of the benefits this magical oil can cultivate...

* This divine natural fragrance will adapt to your own body chemistry. Creating a beautiful blend, as unique as you.

* This scent can calm, balance, and harmonize your energies and those close to you. It’s refreshing aroma helps to cleanse, refresh, and strengthen the mind and body.

* Once your body adjusts to the synergy of the oil it can attract and entice abundance in all areas of your life.

* The tantric magic of this blend originated from Roman folklore, used as an attraction oil or aphrodisiac to stimulate romance.

* Those that respond pleasant to it are there to stay and those that aren’t should stay away.

Suggested affirmations to recite while applying the oil to further enhance it's benefits. I am loved, I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am calm, I am grounded, I am strong, I am wise.

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