Q & A With Inspiring People- Jesse Billauer


I went to one of Jesse's first events for Life Rolls On over a decade ago. I brought Kaleo with, whom was just a tiny grom at the time, and it made the biggest impact on both of us. Jesse's story is one the most inspiring stories there is. He is the epitome of someone who has gone through very challenging obstacles in his life but has not only chosen to thrive despite them but managed to use those experiences to inspire and change millions of peoples lives for the better.

1996 | Two weeks before entering the pro surfing world of legends like Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, and Shane Dorian, Jesse Billauer broke his 6th vertebrae. Instantly a quadriplegic. 2000 | To get back to the ocean, Jesse creates the sport of adaptive surfing which becomes a global movement. 2001 | He realizes that paralysis affects one in 10 Americans so he creates the Life Rolls On Foundation that takes thousands of people living with disabilities into the ocean, often for the first time in their lives. 2015 | The first world adaptive surfing championships are hosted in La Jolla Shores CA. Jesse wins the gold medal in the sport he created. And does it again five years later, scoring in the last 13 seconds of the final heat, one of the most epic moments in sports history. 

Jesse lives in Los Angeles with his twin boys and an impressive collection of surfboards and epic friends.

Q. What is one life hack that changed your life? 

A. Patience and planning 

Q. What/who inspires you? 

A. My dad for his unconditional love and support. My friends for helping me surf and my caregiver for being there for me day in and day out. And of course my kids that inspire me with their go for it attitude. 

Q. What is one ritual that you can't live without? 

A. My alone time at night and or in the morning. 

Q. What is one non-negotiable for you?

A. I can not surround myself with negative energy and/or people.

Q. What is one thing that is trending that you just can't get on board with? 

A. Covid and all the social distancing. I miss seeing people smile, laugh, talk and just sharing positive energy with each other. 

Q. What is the best advice you ever received? 

A. Be patient and don’t let other people bring you down. Stay strong, focused, committed and determined to succeed in life and in love. 

Q. Share your number one health hack. 

A. Just to get outside, breath fresh air and get to the beach as much as I can. 

Q. Tell us a book that changed your life. 

A. Attached. It’s nice to learn about love and connections. 

Q. What is your #1 anti-aging secret? 

A. Less stress, giving back and helping others makes you look and feel young. 

Q. What is your golden secret? 

A. Stay true to who you are and never give up on your goals, your dreams and your true commitment to finding love will reward you when the universe is ready. 

Q. Where is the best place to follow along your journey? 

A. For all the positive stuff, Instagram @jessebillauer and for all the real ups and downs, right by my side on this journey we call, LIFE.