Q & A With Inspiring People- Amanda Fata

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Amanda Fata is a badass mom and entrepreneur who currently owns and operates NūVita, a woman owned cannabis company that is rooted in service. She gives a percent of all monthly sales to support survivors of human trafficking. I am a proud Nuvita affiliate! Click HERE and use code: BEGOLDEN to save on all Nuvita products.

Amanda and I met over a decade ago through Instagram and have supported each other ever since. She was actually one of my first Q & A's on The Golden Secrets blog, long before it was even a skincare line. She is full of inspiration and light and I am so happy to be sharing her wisdom with you again. Enjoy!

 What is one life hack that changed your life? 

I would have to say when I trained myself to start being aware of my negative thoughts and replacing them with good ones would be a hack that changed my life.


What or who inspires you? 

I find inspiration in people who are not afraid to be vulnerable and share the tough parts of their lives with us. Those kind of people inspire the hell out of me! Perspective is everything and when I'm exposed to other people's journeys, it reminds me that no matter what we face most of us keep on going and thrive. It pushes me through some of the tough times.


What is one ritual you can’t live without? 

Cannabis! I love all things cannabis. I love the ritual of interacting with this beautiful plant. Cannabis has helped me through some very intense times of my life. I'm forever grateful for all this plant has taught me and how much it's helped me heal.


What is one non-negotiable for you?

Family time. After being a stay at home mom for most of my adult life then transitioning into running my own business, I deeply value the time I get to spend with my family. 


What product (skincare, makeup, health product) are you currently obsessed with?

I always have been interested in the traditional teachings of the Weston A Price Foundation. This is actually how I have raised almost all of my babies! It's a beautiful practice that basically teaches you how to return to source. Through their podcast (which I highly recommend) I learned about this supplement that contains a good mix of several different organ meats and they make me feel incredible! Optimal Carnivore is the brand!


What is one thing that is trending that you just can't get on board with?

The tiktok dances!!


What is the best advice you ever received?

That if you are out of alignment with something or someone it typically does not work out.


Share your number one health hack

Eat more liver!! 

Tell us a book that changed your life

The Master Key System By Charles Haanle.


What is your number one anti-aging secret? 

Turning my fear into faith so I worry and stress less. Also cannabis :)


What is your Golden Secret?

To always serve other people in a positive and impactful way.


Where is the best place to follow along your journey?

 On IG @supermodelmomma1