Q & A With Inspiring People- Luba Vitti

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If you have been following me for awhile now then you have probably seen me post about my soul sister, Luba Vitti. Luba and I met almost 17 years ago on an Ebay commercial. Luba is from Ukraine and when we met she barely spoke english but her light and energy was so infectious that we became fast friends and eventually family. Raising our children together, navigating the modeling world together, and filling our souls' with our passion for yoga and holistic health. Luba Vitti is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Certified Myers Detox Coach, devoted mother and model with nearly two decades of experience in the health, beauty & wellness industry. She has had the pleasure of working with some of the most renowned health leaders and wellness brands in the world. Luba is a host of wellness women’s retreat programs and a founder of Synergy Woman a wellness platform for helping women defeat burnout, turn back the clock, and reclaim their feminine wholeness to feel amazing again.

What is one life hack that changed your life?

Haha! Here is a good one for you - becoming a parent! Watch your income grow, watch you move to a better place, watch your achievements bloom, watch your ego crash, watch your levels of joy explode, watch you become wiser, forgiving, loving and just blissed out from little things. Best Life Hack to Change your life I know.

What/who inspires you?

Ah, every day is so different! Inspiration comes to me from everywhere as long as I can see, hear, breath, and explore. Shrinking it down to one thing or a person would be impossible. Nature would be the number one. Being in it just makes me expand in every direction.

What is one ritual that you can't live without?

Drinking a glass of warm water while watching sun rise. 

What is one non-negotiable for you?

Everyday I must go for a walk after dinner for 20-30 minutes. It's a great way for me to process my day, digest dinner, and promote a deep sleep.

What product (health, wellness, skincare) are you currently obsessed with?

I have a few favorites that I'm currently obsessed with, and that really make a difference in my day: First is natural shilajit resin. I mix in my morning cup of tea right before workout- gives me great energy, stamina, and mental clarity (my favorite is from naturalshilajit.com use my discount code: givelove for the extra love😄  Second one is the combination of dry brushing , followed by a contrast shower, followed by my favorite body oil that is of course the goddess oil from thegoldensecrets.com (for discount use code: LOVE)  It makes me feel super rejuvenated, refreshed, and renewed every single time!  Lastly a combination of hyaluronic acid from oseamalibu.com (use discount code:LUBALOVE ) together with the golden wand from thegoldensecrets.com (discount code: LOVE) this duet de-puffs and transforms my face in the morning. I use these two religiously! 

What is one thing that is trending that you just can't get on board with?

Trendy diets that claim to be best for you. No diet is good for everyone. Especially I dislike the diets that become almost political and shame others for making different choices. One of them is veganism. Don't get me wrong I’ve been vegan and vegetarian and loved every bit of it, I felt great for a while!  Until I didn't. Low energy, low libido, low hormones, low muscle mass, skin issues , mood swings - I was seriously depleted. It clearly didn't work for me and at that time I already graduated from a nutrition school so I did know how to do it “correctly”, supplementing and all. So when I finally realized that I'm slowly killing myself I started introducing animal proteins back into my regimen. I nurtured my depleted body back to vibrant health. I see a lot of clients that are coming to me with similar issues, stressed, anxious, depleted of minerals, stripped away of nutrients with hormones out of balance. And then this whole trend that was made by men of not eating breakfast and then dumping a cup of coffee on an empty stomach is just not healthy for us women. Why would we want to jolt our system like that in the morning? Have something nurturing, beautiful, fresh and tasty first then drink your caffeinated stimulants if you must.

What is the best advice you ever received?

From YOU actually! When I became a new mom and did 104 things a day (many moms can relate) - working as a model and an actress, taking care of the baby and other family members, running errands, cooking, cleaning… the list was endless. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t sit for a minute. I felt guilty if I did. I remember you said to me, "just chill sister." While slowly pouring me a cup of Nursing Mom tea and I thought that moment was so magical. I was able to drop into my body and into “now" and that was IT. I will never forget that. I was missing out on my life- doing, doing, doing, when you just gently stopped the time for me to enjoy that sip of delicious tea with my friend, enjoying sunshine peeking through branches, the tree in the backyard, my baby’s sweet smile… I remember the next day I was walking by a store and saw a toddler t-shirt with "Just Chill'' written on it and I stopped and stared at it, shocked with synchronicity. I knew right away that angels were speaking to me, of course I bought that t-shirt and for a while it was my mantra. So thank you angel for that priceless advice.

Share your number one health hack.

Body Movement! Specifically Dance! There is nothing like bringing energy to your body and vital circulation to the organs! Life is where the energy is! Stand up, put some awesome jam on and move! I dance even when I'm stuck in traffic! Yes, you can dance sitting. Engage those abs and bootie and move the shoulders, just keep your hands on the wheel- And watch people around you smile more.

Tell us a book that changed your life.

There are so many books that were life-changing for me. But the one book that opened up the pandora box of self help literature was, You can Heal Your Life By Louse Hay. When I was fresh off the boat coming to the US in 2001 I had no idea what was waiting for me here. And growing up in post Soviet Union I had a completely different mentality compare to sunny California :)) So my mom put it into my luggage as I was leaving, she said: “Here, this book is written by a lady who lives in California where you going and looks like you might find some tools there if you face a challenge” That book did changed my perspective on so much, healing and clearing it helped me merge with an upbeat new culture with ease and opened doors for my love on self discovery, psychology and wellness 

What is your #1 biohack for aging gracefully?

Oh, you know it girl!  A good belly laugh is my #1 Anti-aging Biohack! Being silly, giggling, laughing without a reason, watching comedies, hanging out with favorite people with whom you have fun, finding humor in anything , especially when “shit" hits the fan. It is my favorite longevity and beauty hack of all times. I believe that smiling after all is the best facelift!!  I am planning on being the cutest (because of my smily wrinkles), fun, and sexy grandma….

What is your “golden secret?”

Navigating in harmony through life - transforming and nurturing self and others is my golden secret. 

Where can we follow you on your journey?

Instagram @lubavitti and website synergywoman.com