Raising Your Vibration

Quantum physics proves that the energy we put out into the world does matter. Being conscious of the vibes we put out doesn't only affect ourselves but everyone as a whole. That means that our choices and positive or negative energy can have a deep impact on the world. However there are a lot of temporary or "fake" things that appear to help our soul vibrate at high frequencies, but instead pacify and stunt our growth towards our true quest. I often see people craving these positive high vibrations but instead they get trapped in a negative world that is cloaked in a spiritual veil with only shadow energy below it. Searching to grasp onto something with substance, I see them jump from one thing to the next, becoming even more lost. See when you stop searching externally and you begin to do your own work internally, you will organically start to vibrate at your highest frequency and in turn, you will attract the same energy. We are all in this together. What affects one of us, will eventually affect all of us.

Heres some tips that will help you raise your vibration.

1. Say no to drugs!- I believe there are certain circumstances where micro-dosing psychedelic drugs can help certain people unblock thought patterns and help shift one's perception. But most of the time, it is not facilitated properly and can do more harm than good. Giving you a false sense of enlightenment, only to have the pendulum swing into the opposite direction hours later. Pulling you away from feeling or dealing with any reality at all. There is no short cut to get to Samadhi or enlightenment. It takes real dedication, discipline, and consistency. Regular use of any type of drug can stop you from being able to achieve the organic, authentic highs in life, the ones that have core substance.

2. Earthing- Getting grounded and healing from the earth. Did you ever notice that the types of people who seem to be in the best elevated moods are always barefoot, ex. yogis, surfers, hippies. Going barefoot is one of the easiest ways to receive the earths healing touch. Another must is touching your forehead to the earth upon rising and before bed. This is called child's pose in yoga and is also a very common pose practiced in a lot of prayer rituals. At least once a day get some love from the earth, especially after a hard day to cleanse and release anything stagnant that you need to let go of. Take your shoes off and lay in the grass on your lunch break and see how your day shifts.

3. High Frequency Music- Every chakra has a sound that tunes into that part of the body. The first sounds we hear in the womb sound similar to static radio. That is why static radio can instantly calm a crying baby. High frequency sounds have the capability to heal and repair your DNA, releasing and cleansing your body through vibrational sounds. You can listen to this when you meditate, sleep, in your car anytime of the day that you need to come into your own. I see it as a tune up for my soul. 528hz (love frequency) or 432hz (earth frequency).

4. Avoiding Dark Energy- This could be one of the hardest ones for some people, especially when your own family is the heavy energy. As your energy shifts and your vibrations ascend you might see that your circle minimizes. Your way of dealing with these situations or people changes also. You choose to not participate, set up boundaries yet continue to love them from a distance. This doesn't mean forever but know that all you can do is love yourself, then love them and show them the way through your own life and hope that they follow.

5. Speaking Your Truth- Anything that is false or inauthentic is harmful to your soul and your words are the way of transportation. The freer and purer you become with your words, speaking the truth from your heart, the closer to alignment you become. Letting go of lower, dark energies that never served you and ascending to your highest vibration. Synching you with the earth and guiding you to find your purpose. The effect is contagious and essential for the collective.

* Higher vibrations consume and transform lower vibrations. -LaOta Rassoull