Soulmates & Twin Flames

I think we all dream of meeting our soul mate and having them sweep us of our feet and living happily every after.  This ideal image that plays out in fairy tales and most movies fail to show the hard work and compromise that such a divine relationship takes. Everything worth living takes commitment, work, growth, honesty and most of all unconditional love.

The state that you are in with yourself and in your life determines how your soul mate or twin flame will challenge you. The few people that get to experience this devoted union, have known each other many lifetimes and are on the path of serving others, NOT self service.

Here are some tips to attract your soul mate or twin flame and what to expect when you have found them.

1.  We have many soul mates but only one twin flame. Soul mates are spiritual family that can be a friend, parent, or a child but our twin flame is a soul mate just like yourself.  You carry the same vibration of energy and they are an aspect of your higher self. The missing link that is needed to fulfill your souls destiny. There is an undeniable feeling of connection through emotions and unspoken words, as if you have known each other forever, because in truth, you have.

2. It is ideal that you come to a place of self love before your soul mate comes into your life. Often that is why people don't meet their significant other until later in life because sometimes the meeting won't happen until you learn to love yourself first. The more you love yourself, the more of a loving partner that will come in. They will project your own fears or your own hopes so positivity is a must.

3.  Soul mates usually don't come into our lives untill we have found the balance between the masculine and feminine divine within ourselves, however this is not always the case.  Sometimes you go through this process together, balancing each others energies and learning what the perfect harmony is together. Becoming an example of hope for the love and humanity of the planet. Being  positive examples of pure unconditional love. It is rare and the world is craving it dearly. There are so many outside influences now a days that we are missing what life is all about. All everybody wants is to be happy and fall in love but they are doing everything to create the contrary.

4. Twin flames mirror each other  and reflect our own ideas of ourselves. So if you have a bad perception of yourself or issues you have yet to deal with then hold on because your twin is about to mirror everything you have yet to deal with. Twin flames are some of the most powerful relationships there can be. Twin flames are our closest soul extension and have the possibility to be the deepest, most fulfilling, loving relationships ever thought possible.  However they can be the most trying if you have not gotten to a place of self- love and compassion, as your twin will reflect any negative programming you have accepted into your life.

5. Soul mates or twin flames are not always going to be smooth sails and effortless. True, there will be times of absolute tranquility but there will be times where you will need to push through your comfort zones in order to stay aligned and grow.  Soul mates or twin flames usually come in as our greatest teachers. Making us rise to our destiny more rapidly than ever before. Teaching us our greatest lessons of life. You are each others equal but learning things at different times so finding balance is key. When one is weak, the other must be strong, which can be very difficult in itself for two people that mirror each other.

6. Twin flames have an indescribable connection. Some might look like each other, even though on paper, they physically look nothing like each other at all.  It's the same vibration of energy that makes them seem the same. Once you have met your twin the idea of living without them is unfathomable. It's as if living without half your body. The connection and sensitivities between twin flames are so powerful that one can set the other one off into a downward spiral or an upward flight. I have heard this same thing with identical twins. Twins have a deep effect on each other whether it be identical or spiritual. If you are not affected by your partner in this way chances are they are not your twin flame.

7. Twin flames can sometimes read each others minds, another sign of the deep spiritual connection. Overtime it is normal for partners to anticipate each others movements caused by routine but I'm talking about random thoughts  and know how that is a form of telepathy that escapes distance or time.

8. Twin flames show us where we need "work" in our lives so that we can be the best person we can be and that is not always done with out some growing pains.  In turn, the love, respect and hard work you have for yourself will ultimately be reflected back onto you and the light will shine so bright that the unification of your twin flame will help create and transform the world.

* “People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and thats what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life." -Elizabeth Gilbert