Spiritually Connecting With The Otherside

Since I was a child, I felt more comfortable conversing with the unknown, than most earth-bound people. I always had visions, saw spirits and traveled with my spirit guides nightly. I never feared what happens after we pass because I have had so many personal experiences that have given me comfort and validation that there is something after life and it is magnificent. My belief is that we come here to earth to perfect our soul. We chose our parents and circumstances that fit our purpose or theme for each life. I imagine it like a course in school. The sooner you complete your purpose then the sooner you can graduate. Some soul's take many lives to complete their quest while others try to cram it into a few lives, therefore having more obstacles. There are also what I consider to be Earth Angels that have accomplished all their lives but choose to come back for the better of humanity. There are many factors and each obstacle doesn't have to be challenging. See we are not alone . We have a team of allies on the other side helping us and guiding us to complete our souls desire. Those little voices you may shrug off or instincts you choose to ignore could ultimately be a whisper from one of your many spirit guides or angels. The more honed in we are to the other side, the more help and guidance we will receive to ultimately fulfill our soul with as much ease and enjoyment as possible.

Here are some helpful tools that can help you spiritually connect to the other side.

1. Find out who your spirit guides are- At night before bed, speak out loud and ask your spirit guides to implant their name or names in your head upon waking up. Do this for 3 consecutive nights and be conscious to what you hear in the morning. Don't rush out of bed, give yourself a couple of seconds to register and see what POPS in. POPS in is the key word here because names will literally just come to you.Don't ignore what you hear. Those are the names. If you don't get anything by day three then try to relax and refrain from any alcohol or other stimulants that could prevent you from getting the answers you want. Once you have your spirit guides names and can call on them as you would a dear friend. They are on this journey with you and are waiting on stand by for your call. There are however situations where they will refrain from help if it is to fufill the better of your life's purpose.

2. Call upon relatives or friends that have passed- Sometimes I feel like my relationships with relatives or friends on the spiritual side are stronger now then when they were physically here. I have had several experiences with relatives and friends that have passed. I feel their presence and have even gotten several of their messages through nature, dreams, and silent whispers,much like your own instinct. Even my Grandmother whom has been on hospice for several months and is in between worlds. We always had a very strong connection and relationship and now that she is on the otherside of the united states and unable to talk or interact much in this world. I regularly meet her for what I call play dates on the other side. I am in the process of trying to get verification from her that we are indeed meeting in the unknown and having dinners and laughing like we used to.

3. Astral Projection-If you have ever had a dream where you were flying, then you have most likely had an astral projection experience,where the soul soars outside the human bound body. Through practice, you can harness this ability and start to venture out into places that you can not in human form. Starting with smaller trips to near by bedrooms. Try and pay close attention to small details you have never really noticed before, then upon coming to, you can check that room and indeed verify what you saw while projecting. More experienced people can visit relatives past,hall of records,other cities. This does take time, patience and lack of fear, as what you project comes forth. The fear of not coming back into your body is relevant but there is an invisible cord that connects you to your soul. Always ask your angels to surround you with the white light and have an easy entrance back.

4. Make a pact- As I said before I have always been fascinated with the other side and because of that, I actually have made pacts with some friends and family that if either one of us pass we would somehow let the other one know.Whether it be through a song, a dream,a butterfly or a personal thing between the two of you. Unfortunately I have lost quite a few people in my life and had that pact with some of them and every single one has shown me in one way or another that they are ok and they are there.

5. Connect with Nature- Nothing is more pure that nature, animals and babies. They are the closest things to the spiritual world. Spending lots of time in nature can help you reconnect and spark familiar memories of the other side. Look at everything as a sign. nature and animals have very special ways of showing us the way. Indians have harnessed this practice entirely. They see everything as a living being and every rock, tree or animal symbolizes either a totem or a sacred message that needs to be realized.

6. Purpose- The two most important days in your life, the day you are born and the day you find your purpose. Seek to find out what you think your life's purpose is. There is usually two themes. One theme that you need to overcome, like being a victim and the other theme that is your strength, like a humanitarian. An easy way to find out your themes is to look back on your life and see what looks like a repetitive episode. Something that your head can not comprehend and naturally resists. Whether it be in relationships or work. That would be the theme you need to overcome. To find your powerful theme, think back on your life and see where the one constant fulfillment came from.

7. Faith- If it makes you feel good and is no harm to others or yourself then I say go for it. We all have different faiths, religions, beliefs but if you can find something that resonates with you and gives you hope, strength and peace then you are on the right track. Having faith in something bigger than yourself yet still taking responsibility for your life equals an optimistic outcome no matter what life throws at you. Your perception,reaction,and faith will ultimately be the difference between a struggle or a blessed life.

*“As a spirit having a human experience, you can choose to not merely exist but to be fully conscious and aware of living in a limited world. When you take a conscious part in life and its multitudes of choices, you won't let life happen to you - you will make life happen for you.” James Van Praagh