Wake Up With Beautiful Glowing Skin

Let your products work for you, while you sleep.

We all know that we should always wash our face prior to bed but the other part is to nourish it with ingredients that can actually help heal and regenerate it while we sleep.

Not all products are created equal. In fact some can do more harm than good. Products loaded with synthetic chemicals enable the products to last longer but not your skin. Nature cures when a cure is possible and The Golden Secrets Youth Beauty Face Oil Serum is packed with natures best nutrient dense vitamins for optimal skin health.



5 Tips for beautiful skin.

1. Wash your face every night before bed. Then spritz it with The Aura Clearing Mist and apply several drops of The Golden Secrets Youth Beauty Face Oil Serum into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Softly press your hands onto your face, neck and upper chest. 

Wait for it to fully absorb into the skin before laying your head to rest. 

2. Change your pillow case every other day. Yes, every other day. Meaning use it once then flip it the next day and then change it out. 

Use organic cotton or silk and  wait until the end of the week when you have a full load of laundry to wash them.

3. When you wake up, rinse your eyes and any other area with a clean, damp wash cloth or rinse the face with cool water if needed. Refrain from over washing your face as it could actually cause your skin to overproduce oil and cause break outs.

After a cool rinse in the am, simply put several drops of The Golden Secrets Youth Beauty Face Oil Serum on for the day followed by an organic sunscreen or make up.

4. Be kind to yourself and practice your daily affirmations that come with The Golden Secrets or make ones of your own. Your thoughts create your reality so positive words expressed aloud can shift your entire day and over time, your life.

5. You are what you eat. Our body makes new cells from our diet so if you want beautiful glowing skin, you need to feed it live organic, colorful foods. Alternate your vegetables to ensure an array of nutrients and eat within season. Always hydrate with plenty of water and add lemon or cucumber to make it more alkaline.

You will spend almost half of your life sleeping so make sure you have a supportive bed, cozy sheets and an amazing facial serum to work for you while you get your zzz's.