Asha Patel Designs

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“Just breathe.” That’s the mantra with Asha Patel and her jewelry devotees.

The pharmacist turned jewelry designer is inspired by symmetry. Whether it’s the dichotomy of East and West, Yin and Yang, or motherhood balanced with work life, it’s the perfect blend of parts combined to equal the whole.

Patel was born in London to Indian parents, and her sense of style was established at an early age. She adored traditional Indian jewelry, pieces known for being both gorgeous and grand. Those bold pieces ultimately helped shape her less is more philosophy into the simple aesthetic she’s most known for today.

Pieces from Asha Patel Designs are symbolic in nature, but modern in design. Patel’s talent lies in blending dueling materials like edgy leather wrap bracelets mixed with statement gems like labradorites and moonstones, sleek sterling necklaces with modernly cut numbers dangling to reflect mystical numerology, and ID tags with mindful Sanskrit sayings.

The Asha Patel Designs wearer is as confident as they are chic, filled to the brim with intention, and remembers the journey through life isn’t about how fast you cross the finish line.