Aura Beauty Mist

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I use this mist all day long. I use it first thing in the morning, before applying oil to my skin, midday when I need a pick me up, and to set my makeup. Aura is a multi-purpose, aromatic beauty mist that boosts your skin’s radiance and soothes the senses. 
It illuminates the skin’s hydration levels, strengthens the skin barrier and brightens and plumps with silver ear mushroom extract, which is proven to penetrate & lock in moisture 5x greater than hyaluronic acid. Red algae arctic peptide, aromatic floral waters, and rich antioxidants create a complete botanical story to help: build up skin’s elasticity, restore collagen, prevent premature aging, protect from free radical damage, keep skin toned & supple, increase penetration and efficacy of TGS oils and spiritually cleanse surrounding energy.

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