Chaga Energy Elixir

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Nourish and protect your body from head to toe with the king of functional mushrooms. Wild-harvested Siberian chaga supports cellular health and energy from within. Formulated for results with sweet burdock root and ginseng. Stimulating, rejuvenating, and caffeine-free.

Pique Chaga Energy Elixir is USDA Certified Organic and Triple Toxin-Screened for heavy metals, pesticides, and toxic mold. Cold Extraction Technology™ maximizes phytonutrient potential and absorption. No prep or brewing required.

  • Wild-harvested Siberian chaga, burdock root and N. American ginseng
  • Adaptogenic properties support cellular rejuvenation (centuries-old vitality tonic)
  • Provides calm, caffeine-free energy without the jitters
  • ZERO preservatives, refined sugar, or additives
  • USDA organic + triple toxin screened for purity
  • 28 servings in each carton