Juunaday- EMF protection clothing

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Airplane mode for your clothing. Designed to keep you safe. Juunaday is the first and only activewear brand designed to shield your belly from the adverse effects of EMF radiation (emitted by wireless devices like cell phones and laptops).

Whether you’re pregnant, trying to conceive, or thinking about the future, Juunaday EMF-shielding activewear proves that you don’t need to compromise style for safety. 

Juunaday believes in a holistic approach to reproductive health, one that focuses on lessening our exposure to environmental toxins, like EMFs, so our bodies can do what they are meant to do more easily. Instead of contemplating an unfeasible digital detox, we’re making living well with technology a possibility. Juunaday apparel is designed to shield your belly from wireless radiation and support reproductive wellness whether you're at home, on the go, or hitting the gym.

This is one of the few, maybe only times that I would buy synthetic fabric clothing because the benefits outway the negatives.

EMF Shielding Stretch Fabric:

  • Medical grade silver plated Nylon
  • Does not contain PFAS
  • Third-party verified to block up to 99% of wireless radiation emitted from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Anti-microbial

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