MAYU Swirl | Balanced, Oxygenated Restructured Water

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Bring your water back to life and mimic the essence of spring water. Mayu Swirl improves the quality and taste of any water poured into it. The vortex restructure and aerates the water with fresh oxygen, after its long journey running compressed through straight pipelines. The whirlpool brings the water and air into close contact, dissolving fresh oxygen and accelerating the evaporation of volatile compounds.

It aerates the water, letting it “breathe” (like fine wine exposed to air just 6,000 times faster). Swirl for 7 minutes with the lid off to return your water to its natural sweet, silky mouthfeel and healthy equilibrium.

* This is not a water filter. I recommend using filtered water and simply restructuring it with Mayu Swirl. I use this every day, not only does it bring my water back to life, it looks beautiful on my counter and I can better keep track of how much i'm drinking.

  • 1.5L glass carafe with built-in impeller- hand-blown grade A borosilicate glass; light weight, crystal clear and dishwasher safe. 
  • Stainless Steel lid for storage - made of stainless steel (304) with a food-grade silicone seal. 
  • Vortex generator base - handmade porcelain, coupled with automatic load and touch sensors for a perfect, hassle-free vortex. 
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery - up to 7hours of wireless use on a single charge. 
  • USB charger – easy to connect| Power: 5V --- 1A.
  • 2 years limited warranty.
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