Native Nutrients Green Superfood Powder

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Native Nutrients is a revolutionary 3-in-1 plant-based organic formula that combines 21 of history's healthiest whole food nutrients, superfoods, and superfruits into one easy-to-mix blend. Benefits include:

Boost natural energy production
Enhance detoxification
Promote healthy hormone balance and support thyroid health
Fuel a fat-burning metabolism & aid weight management
Boost skin health and appearance
Promote improved digestion and reduce cravings
- Organic Wheatgrass

- Organic Spirulina

- Organic Alfalfa Grass

- Organic Barley Grass

- Organic Spinach

- Organic Broccoli

- Organic Beet Root

- Organic Wakame

- Organic Acai Berry

- Organic Pomegranate

- Organic Astragalus Root

- Organic Kale

- Organic Blueberry

- Organic Coconut Water Organic Parsley

- Organic Chia Seeds

- Organic Apple

- Organic Turmeric Root

- Organic Ginger Root

- Organic Rosemary

- Organic Spearmint