Paleovalley Wild Caught Fish Roe

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The Benefits of Omega-3 Rich, Wild Caught Fish Roe in Just 10 Seconds a Day Without The Taste.

  • Healthy inflammation levels5
  • Improved cognitive function6
  • Healthy mood and mental health7
  • Vision health8
  • Healthy blood pressure9
  • Supported cardiovascular health10
  • Strong immune function11
  • And more!

Plus, Paleovalley Wild Caught Fish Roe is sourced from whole foods which include other additional compounds and nutrients such as protein, DPA, choline, selenium, vitamins E, C, D, B2, and phospholipids for added benefits!

Unlike other omega-3 products that may use high heat and chemical solvents to extract the oils, Paleovalley Wild Caught Fish Roe is gently freeze-dried to keep the full range of nutrients and omegas intact and undamaged. The result is a full-spectrum, whole food source of omega-3s and all the additional nutrients that make fish roe so nutritious in the first place.