Royal Codes Bath Soak

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Experience the ultimate luxury in ancient beauty traditions with our mineral-rich bath soak, designed to relieve tension, relax muscles, unwind deep tissues, and detox toxins, all while leaving your skin irresistibly soft, flawlessly smooth, and beautifully toned.

There isn't much a good bath can't fix. My entire life, I've sought solace in bathing. There is truth to soaking all your worries away and visually watching them go down the drain. That's why I wanted to create the most soothing and healing bath soak yet. From the aroma to the way it makes my joints, skin, and mind feel, it has become one of the pillars in my holistic toolbox, and I'm elated to be able to share it with you.


Immerse yourself and soak all your worries away with our sensorial sacred blend, carefully crafted with the soul-soothing aroma of Ylang Ylang and the rejuvenating scent of rose. Enhanced with the infusion of MSM, Ancient Zechstein Magnesium, and the nourishing properties of coconut milk. As this luxurious blend envelops you it lavishes your skin and synergistically nurtures and nourishes every cell within your body. Embracing the perfect union of indulgence, serenity, and holistic well-being.

Target Concerns:

Mineral Deficiency

Rough/Dry Skin

Sore Muscles

Adrenal Fatigue

Loss of Tone

Poor Sleep



Hormone Imbalance

Toxic Build Up

Scar Tissue

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