Synergy Science Qi Home Cell™ EMF Protection for Your Home

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For most average-sized homes, the Qi Home Cell™ is the correct product. If you would like to protect a large office space or a large, 3-story home, check out the Qi Max™!

Many people suffer from the effects of EMFs. These electromagnetic fields are constantly growing around us, and up until now, there was nothing you could do to fully protect yourself from these fields and radiation. But with the truly revolutionary invention of the Qi Devices™ from Germany, you can safely protect your entire home with a barrier to radiation. Rest assured, this will not interfere with your cellular devices, Wi-Fi, or other signals.

Qi Home Cell™ for private use has a positive effect in six different fields:

1. Generation of Vital Energy

Qi Home Cell™ generates its own electricity and produces a protective area, which it fills electrons within 24 hours. These electrons neutralize free radicals and put a protective layer of electrons on your body. When the radiation from cellular, Wi-Fi, and other EFM sources come in contact with your body, the electrons on your body provide a reaction point instead of the radiation going inside your body to react with cell membranes. Qi Home Cell™ users report better sleep and reduced feelings of stress while in the home or at work, as well as increased energy, stamina, and focus.

2. Less Influenced by Radiation

Qi Home Cell™ can protect all residents of an apartment or a small- to medium-sized home against all harmful radiation caused by mobile phone radiation, Wi-Fi, wiring in the house, electromagnetic smog, and more!

3. No Power Required

Qi Devices™ function on natural laws, and do not require any power to be “on.” They create their own electricity. The most efficient way to set up Qi Home Cell™ is at a central place in the living area. To deactivate or “turn off” the Qi Home Cell™, simply put it on its side.

4. Full Functionality Within 24 Hours

Enjoy the full benefits of EMF protection from the Qi Home Cell™ within 24 hours of setting them up in your home or commercial space. Most electrosensitive users experience a noticeable change within 48 to 72 hours, as their bodies adjust to the absence of EMFs and increase of electrons.