The Birth Sling

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The Birth Sling by Dr Jess Michaels® Revolutionizes  the birthing experience with a groundbreaking design crafted by Osteopath Dr Jess Michaels. This unique and original birthing tool offers a modern twist on an ancient practice, providing unparalleled support for upright and active labor, empowering mothers and promoting a natural birthing process while minimizing unnecessary interventions.

Included in this comprehensive set is:

  • Main Body Sling: The heart of The Birth Sling, this specially designed main body sling provides optimal support, allowing mothers to embrace natural and comfortable birthing positions.

  • Arm Slings (2x): Offering additional support and comfort, the arm slings enhance the overall experience, ensuring a secure and stable grip for the birthing mother.

  • Door Anchor: Achieve hassle-free installation over almost any door with the included door anchor. This feature ensures convenience and adaptability, making The Birth Sling accessible in various settings.

  • Beam or Branch Anchor: For those preferring a more natural setting, the beam or branch anchor lets you suspend The Birth Sling from sturdy overhead structures, fostering a connection with nature during the birthing process.

  • Carry Bag: Designed for portability and convenience, the carry bag makes it easy to transport The Birth Sling, allowing mothers to bring this empowering tool wherever they choose to give birth.

(Ceiling mount sold separately)

Elevate the birthing experience with The Birth Sling by Dr Jess Michaels® – a thoughtful and practical solution that puts control back in the hands of expecting mothers, promoting a positive and natural journey into motherhood.

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