The Golden Secrets Guidance Cards

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The Golden Secrets Guidance Cards give you access to your subconscious thoughts and beliefs, helping you to better navigate your future. Based on the Law of Magnetic Attraction, you will magnetically draw the card you are meant to get—giving you profound insights into the best direction for your next move in your career, relationships, health, love life, and more. 

This is one of my greatest offerings and one that fills me with immense joy and excitement. These cards represent a culmination of my life's work and the bridge for me to help on a bigger scale. They hold profound meaning to me, and I am thrilled to finally place them in your hands.

In this set of 54 positive, ritual oracle cards, you’ll learn how to spark your inner wisdom so that you can easily navigate through some of your greatest challenges with grace and inspire infinite possibilities for you to live at your highest timeline.

Every card has a beautiful image and a word with an affirmation to recite. Inside the accompanying guidebook, you’ll find more clues to your question being asked, actions to take, and various meanings to empower you and connect you to the innate wisdom that has always been inside of you. 


Artwork by Lucia Dami

54 guidance cards on smooth velvety card stock that feels like butter to shuffle + a 174-page guidebook! A life-changing one-time buy that you will return to again and again.

Soft Touch Magnetic box. All packaging is FSC certified-  FSC is the top standard for ethically sourced paper products.

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