LumeBox Red Light Therapy

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When I’m not receiving light from the sun, red light therapy has been one of my go-to’s for years to help ease pain & inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis, but the benefits go far beyond that. It can improve:
  • Energy levels
  • Mood
  • Sleep optimization
  • Pain/inflammation
  • Skin (anti-aging)
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Muscle recovery
  • Hair growth & more
Red light therapy can boost the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) to function better. Simply put, the more efficiently your cells create, the better your body will feel & function overall.


  • Outperforms! Independently Tested to be More Powerful than the Leading Brand.
  • Leading portable red light therapy device on the market. Most of our presell customers have fed back that it is more powerful than units they’ve used before. 
  • BIGGER – covers MORE SURFACE area for a portable device – this allows you to treat a larger area at a time e.g. face AND neck + decolletage. 
  • Each bulb offers both red (660nm) and NIR (850nm)
  • Low EMF 
  • FDA registered