Wendy Meyers Daily Detox

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Daily Detox is an organic superfood formula loaded with unique nutrients for optimal liver function, whole-body detoxification, remineralization, and metabolism. It features:

Broccoli sprouts for detox and anti-aging*
Liver support herbs for daily cleansing*
Prebiotics for optimal gut health*
Metabolism-boosting ingredients*
Digestive support*
All day energy*
Immune Support*
And much more you’ll discover below!
We are exposed to more pollution than any generation on this planet’s history. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) estimates that more than 100,000 chemicals are used commercially. And many of these make it into our oceans, air, water, and homes. Even many natural products have hidden sources of chemicals. They are impossible to avoid in the modern world.

To make matters worse, many of these chemicals are among the worst offenders, including highly toxic substances like heavy metals and halides. Exposure to mercury, arsenic, thallium, fluoride and countless others often occurs DAILY.

This puts a massive burden on our organs of detox and elimination, particularly the liver and colon. And when those organs are compromised, everything is weakened. Digestion slows, metabolism breaks down, we gain weight, feel sluggish, become more prone to infections like candida, battle gut issues, and so much more.

The challenge with most approaches to detox is that they are intense, and cause symptoms that take you out of your normal routine or life. Or they require you to dramatically change your diet, fast, eliminate more, and so on—all of which aren’t sustainable on a day-to-day basis.

As a result, most people only do these sorts of cleanses “once in a while”—if at all. Of course, the problem is that the toxins never stop flowing into the body. And so they continue to build up, causing you to feel worse and worse—while accelerating the aging process and setting you up for chronic long-term issues.

While you should continue to do deeper cleansing, especially those that address heavy metal toxicity on a cellular level—you also absolutely need a gentle daily solution that helps keep your liver clear... your colon clean... and restores vital nutrients that your body loses while it spends energy in detoxification.

Daily Detox is the ultimate formula for supporting optimal removal of toxins... supporting vital organs (especially your liver)...