Womb Wisdom

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The FIRST Ever Organic, Synthetic Fragrance-Free, True Pregnancy-Safe Body Oil. This is the only belly oil I used during my entire pregnancy, and I was amazed at how much better my stomach looked at 45, right after I gave birth, compared to how it looked 20 years ago with my first pregnancy. 


A one-of-a-kind, regenerative, all-over, skin-healing nourishment designed to support and honor all the phases of a woman’s life, especially the most delicate ones.


Formulated with incredibly effective, organic, stable oils that safeguard your skin from damage and quickly melt deep into the skin’s layers creating a protective barrier that seals in moisture to relieve itchy, stretchy skin and prevent & reduce stretch marks. Encourages natural elasticity and boosts skin regeneration for a more smooth, clear, ageless glow. Lightly scented with organic essential oils to calm and protect the auric field so that you can embody the sacred cycle you are in.